Solutions Built with ThingOS Technology

BoxAGV - Modular Driving

Bosch Rexroth

The first AGV conforming to the VDA 4500 form factor. Equipped with mecanum wheels, indoor positioning and collision sensors – at a low-cost price point.

ARENA2036 Production Line

ARENA2036 Production Line

Fluid Production which contains many integrated industrial components: LBR Robots Kuka iiwa, Daimer TSS Interface, indoor-positioning (NAiSE), AGV control, cameras, wireless sensors and user interfaces. One ThingOS Hub in every station and AGV.

Intelligent Floor

Bosch Rexroth
Intelligent Floor

Complete Connectivity of the Intelligent Factory Floor. LED stripes on each floor tile can be used for guiding and highlighting. Weight measurement units allow to track moving humans, AGVs and stationary objects. Inductive charging and MQTT connectivity to Bosch Software.

Smart Pick - by - Light System

HP Enterprise
Pick by light

Advanced mobile picking features at low cost. Shelf contains LED stripes to highlight next pick-position/errors. A mobile wristband detects boxes via NFC Tag and provides tactile feedback. Mobile UI to assist user and MQTT interface to exchange information.

Mobile AGV Control

Mobile AGV

Spontaneous control of AGVs using mobile devices. Dynamic paring of Smartphone with AGV via NFC. Full control via ROS Integration. Control via arbitrary Android and iOS mobile Devices, exclusive and parallel control.

IoT Innovation Suitcase

Innovation Suitcase

IoT Innovation Suitcase with built in ThingOS Hub and more than 50 included sensors and actors – robots, conveyor belts, grippers, stepper motors, wireless and wired sensors and actuators incl. IO – Link components. App to easily find included sensors and actors.

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