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ThingOS is a highly innovative edge-technology platform that combines the access to any smart devices, sensors and actuators on-site and thereby creates yet unreached interoperability. The abstraction of communication technologies, vendors and device platforms allows our business customers to drastically reduce the time-to-market for novel smart home, smart retail and smart factory applications and products. We offer B2B customers in the sectors industry 4.0, smart home and smart retail a ready-to-use edge-connectivity and application execution platform, Connect Hub devices, a cross-platform development environment (XDE), client apps for Android and iOS, firmware for all recent wireless MCUs, a cloud-based rollout-infrastructure and cloud or private cloud-based App-Stores for Smart Space Application deployment.

“Stop reinventing the wheel by bridging low-level communication technologies over and over again. Instead, start building truly smart interconnected applications for whole environments by focusing on the business logic and user experience!”
ThingOS Hub


Built with ThingOS

Smart shelf

Logistics: Smart Shelf – Fully Connected in the Edge & Cloud

ThingOS connects the sensing infrastructure at the edge (Pick-By-Light, NFC tags & sensors, displays and voice interactions) with HP Enterprises IoT cloud infrastructure to evaluate order-picking processed in real-time.

Home control app

Smart Home: Intuitive User Interfaces for Smart Home Applications

Intuitive usage, simple, comprehensible programming and cross-vendor compatibility make ThingOS User Interface Apps unique in the smart home sector.

Bluetooth Mesh

ThingOS is One of the First to Support Bluetooth® Mesh

The new Bluetooth® Low Energy Mesh standard is going to revolutionize many smart home and smart industry applications in the coming years. ThingOS evaluates Bluetooth® Low Energy Mesh sensor/actuator nodes, firmware, mobile apps and hub-integration, which enables interoperability with other communication technologies.

Smart office cube

Smart Office: Tangible Cube and Chair Sensor Allow Smart Availability Detection

In the office, many things can interrupt your focus and make concentrating on your work difficult. A tangible cube makes setting your current availability status incredibly easy. ThingOS links the cube with the employee’s Slack account, a light bulb and a display for visual feedback. Additionally, a tiny chair sensor can further automate this process.

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